Parkour, a discipline that teaches you to move over, under and through obstacles in any given environment or terrain is one the very few art-forms that makes us see our environment differently. In the eyes of a Parkour practitioner - parks, beaches, buildings and other architectural marvels seem to become movement playgrounds.

The concept of Parkour Pod stemmed from the fact that Chennai did not have many accessible places that match the above description. For this reason, we have created a dedicated space to learn Parkour in a safe and fun way.

Parkour Pod features an open area with complex bar scaffolding structures, vault boxes and safety landing mats for practicing Parkour movements. The gym also features an indoor space dedicated for calisthenics and weight training.

Parkour Pod's sessions will benefit kids of 8 years to adults of 50+ years of age. Our parkour classes will appeal to anyone interested in general fitness or movement arts and can fulfill the fitness and recreational needs of kids, teenagers, college students, young and middle aged working professionals and senior citizens as well. Our services will also appeal to athletes who are striving to improve their strength and endurance in their respective disciplines.

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 Street : No 153, Defence Colony, 12th Cross Street, Ekkatuthangal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032

 Email : info@parkourpod.com

 Phone : +91 99626 96859