Class Requirements

  • Wear comfortable and stretchable clothing.
  • Wear light weight running shoes with good grip.

Teens & Adults Parkour Classes (Ages : 13 and above)

These classes are perfect for teens and adults who are interested to learn an art that is unique from other activities. Here, students will start off learning basic Parkour and agility drills with strength training. As students complete the basic requirements they can progress on to more advanced levels of training. Students will also have the added benefit of attending all Open Gym sessions.
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Fight or Flight Classes (Ages : 7 and above)

Learn to move through obstacles and fight like a ninja!
In these classes, students will be taught Parkour Lessons and also the traditional martial arts of Tamil Nadu such as Kaladi Kuthu Varisai and Silambam. As students progress, they will also learn to combine these skills in a creative and practical way.

Kids Parkour Classes (Ages : 5-12)

Parkour Pod is the perfect place for kids to learn to run, jump and become flexible. Kids will progress slowly and practice on foam vault boxes and safety mats. They will learn basic Parkour techniques and participate in creative drills and games that will develop their spatial awareness and problem solving skills.

Open Gym (Ages : 12 and above)

Our open gym sessions are perfect for learning and interacting with a diverse community of movement athletes. These sessions are open for anyone who wants to hone their skills or work on a new movement that they just learnt in our classes. During these sessions, all our equipments are available for use and can be attended by parkour and calisthenics athletes, martial artists, gymnasts, trickers, bboys and bgirls, etc...

Personal Training

Want to focus on specific movement goals? Personalised coaching is the right choice to help you progress faster and become more stronger and agile than ever!

Drop In's

If time does not permit you to attend our regular group classes, you can always call us and drop in for a session on class days. 


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