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Common Questions

We've compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often.

Are there any prerequisites to join Parkour Pod?

No. You can join our classes as long as you don’t have any serious physical injuries or medical conditions. 

What is the level of fitness required to train in Parkour?
What is the ideal age to begin training in parkour?
Is Parkour popular among Women?
Is this Popular in India?
Are there any levels to achieve in Parkour?
How does Parkour compare with other fitness training methods?
Is Parkour a competitive sport?
How is parkour different from other sports?
Will training in parkour enhance the performance of other sports practitioners?
Is Weight Training required for Parkour?
Does parkour help in improving concentration?
Is Parkour a dangerous activity?
I have an injury. Is it advisable for me to start Parkour?


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